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Poondu Milagai Podi Recipe | Garlic Powder | Garlic Coconut Powder

Garlic Powder

Poondu Podi is my absolute favorite easy to do recipe. It would be a perfect side dish for idly or dosa. It is super duper easy which requires very less ingredients which are always present at every home. And yeah, it is extremely addictive. Just relax and enjoy this simple yet delicious dish with dosa.

Garlic Coconut Powder
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Garlic Powder


Coconut - 1/2 cup
Red Chilli - 10
Garlic - 1, whole
Salt - as required
Oil - 1 tsp


Heat oil in a pan, fry red chilli, garlic and coconut separately.

Grind chilli and salt first. Then add coconut and grind to get a coarse powder. Finally add garlic and give a pulse.

Serve with idly, dosa or rice.

  • You can also add tamarind in addition to this.
  • Adjust red chilli to spiciness level required.
Ingredients for garlic powder
Keep all your ingredients ready
roast red chilli
In a pan, add little oil and roast dry red chilli and transfer it to a plate
Add garlic and roast it seperately
And then add coconut and roast it. As we are going to grind it anyway, you can also add coconut pieces
cook them
Cool down a bit
grind chilli
First, grind red chilli and salt
Add in roasted coconut and grind into a coarse powder
Now add in garlic and give one or two pulses
Poondu Milagai Podi
Serve with idly or dosa


  1. Very easy to do and looks great, shall try this soon. Thanks :)

  2. It is an easy and tasty dip. Do try it and let us know. Thanks :)