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Strawberry Hazelnut Sandwich | Strawberry Nutella Sandwich | Easy Kids Snackbox Recipe

Strawberry Hazelnut Sandwich Recipe
A new series of food recipes coming soon to my blog. I have been obsessed with grilled sandwiches lately. So expect more sandwiches recipes with lots of variations in the near future. I had some ripe strawberries and bread which I wanted to finish very soon. And I remember this recipe which was in my draft for nearly 4 years( Aww! The lazy me ;) ). So I wanted to make it immediately. Honestly, there is nothing better than the combination of hazelnut spread and strawberry inside a toasted bread for a evening snack. It is just amazing and worth to try. Try this at home and write me if your kid like this combo :)
Easy Kids Snacks box Recipe - Strawberry Hazelnut Sandwich
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Strawberry Hazelnut Sandwich

Strawberry Hazelnut Sandwich

Recipe Cuisine: World | Recipe Category: Sandwich
Prep Time: 5 mins | Cooking Time: 5 mins | Serves: 2


Bread - 4
Nutella / any Hazelnut spread - as required
Strawberry - 4
Butter - 2 tblspn


Spread nutella or any hazelnut spread on one sides of the bread and butter on the other side.

Place sliced strawberries over the hazelnut spread. Cover it with another bread.

Toast the bread or grill it on a panini maker until golden and crispy.

  • You can skip adding strawberries.
  • You can replace the strawberries with the sliced banana.
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step1
Keep all your ingredients ready
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step2
Cut the strawberries into thin slices
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step3
Apply butter on one side of the breads
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step4
On the other side of the bread, apply nutella or any hazelnut spread
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step5
Place the strawberry slices over it
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step6
Cover it with the another bread
Strawberry_Hazelnut_Sandwich_ Step7
Toast the bread or grill in a panini maker until golden or crispy
Strawberry Nutella Sandwich Ready

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