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Ellu Podi | MIL's Ellu Podi Recipe | Sesame Seed Powder | Til Powder

Ellu Podi
Ellu podi / Sesame seeds powder is one of the best podi in the world. It is generally made with sesame seeds alone but you can also make them along with urad dal. My mother-in-law used to make this often at home. Everyone at home are addicted to this. Especially my sister-in-law's little daughter who is just 2+ years old. She is a great fan of ellu podi. My hubby used to say that his mom makes the best ellu podi ever. So I wanted to share this delicious ellu podi with you. Recipe after the jump.

MIL's Ellu Podi Recipe

Ellu Podi


Sesame seed / Ellu - 200gm
Urad dal / Uzhundhu - 50gm
Garlic - 1, whole
Red Chilli - 9
Tamarind - 1 1/2 lemon sized
Salt - to taste


Dry roast red chilli and urad dal separately and transfer it to a plate and let it cool down.

In the same pan, roast sesame seeds in high flame and let it crackle. When crackling sounds reduces transfer it to a plate.

Now in a mixer, grind urad dal and red chilli into a smooth powder.

Once the chilli and urad dal become smooth powder, add sesame seeds and grind well.

Then, add garlic, tamarind and salt and blend well.

Serve with idly, dosa or rice.

  • Adding urad dal is to avoid lumps in sesame seed i.e., to get a powder consistency. So this is optional, you can also make this powder with sesame seeds alone.
  • Avoid grinding everything in a single time. You may feel difficult to grind and it will not grind properly. Initially grind urad dal, chilli followed by sesame seeds.
  • Do not reduce the amount of tamarind. They play a major role in this. The amount can be increased but never reduce it.
  • If you reduce the tamarind it will become bland.
ingredients for ellu podi
Keep all your ingredients ready
roast chillies
Dry roast red chillies
let it cool
Transfer it to a plate to cool down
roast urad dal
Again, roast urad dal until golden brown as shown in the figure
sesame seeds roasted
Similarly, In a high flame saute the sesame seeds. Once the crackling sound reduces remove from flame
grind urad dal, chilli
First, grind urad dal and red chilli
its smooth
into a smooth powder
blend ellu
And then, add sesame seeds and blend well
Then, add garlic, tamarind and salt. Blend everything together
Sesame Seed Powder
Its ready!

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