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Virgin Mojito | Moctail with Mint and Lemon

Virgin Mojito

Mojito is a cocktail that consist of alcohol(which is a similar recipe where lemon replaced with some alcohol). Whereas, Mojito without alcohol is called "Virgin Mojito" or "Nojito". One day my hubby texted me that he tasted Virgin Mojito in office and it was too good and asked me to try the same at home. On a holiday time, I made this drink to his surprise. He was very excited as I gave his favourite drink surprisingly.
Mint Lemonade

 Mint has lots of good things. It can be used for upset stomach, common cold and allergies. Give it a try...

 Virgin Mojito


Soda water / 7up / sprite - 2 cups
Lemon - 1
Mint leaves - 25
Sugar - 5 tblspn (optional)
Ice cubes - 4


Make sugar syrup by adding some water and let it cool. You can skip this and simply add the sugar.

Squeeze lemon juice and keep aside.

In a large bowl, pour in soda water, lemon juice and sugar syrup to taste.

Tear some mint leaves to this. Crush the leaves and stir it well to add the flavor of mint leaves in the soda.

Transfer it to a serving glass and place ice cubes on the top.

Garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.


Moctail with mint and lemon

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