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Soft Chapati/ Phulka (Puffy Roti cooked on Direct Flame)

Chapati is a staple Indian food. It is made for dinner and even for breakfast in some homes. Everyone loves for a soft chapatti but not everyone gets it. There is nothing worse than hard and chewy chapattis. Softer chapatis just comes with practice and experience. Why are you waiting? Now make super soft chapati for your family and watch them devour with joy.

Chapati is excellent with almost every veg, and non veg gravies.  In South India, chapatis are served with Kurma Varieties. Kids like to spread some jam, butter or sugar in the chapati, just roll it and have it. It also goes well with pickles and raita.

Atta (Wheat flour) – 1 cup
Water – ½ cup
Milk – 2 tbspn(optional)
Oil – 3 to 4 drops
Salt – to taste

Mix together water, milk and oil and boil it for 1 min.

In a mixing bowl, mix well flour, salt and add enough lukewarm water to create firm pliable dough. 

Knead well for 5 minutes. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and keep for ½ an hour. Knead again.

Divide the dough into equal sized balls.

Roll each balls using rolling pin from centre outwards so that the edges are thinner than the centre. 

Heat non stick pan or cast iron griddle on a slow flame. Ensure that it doesn’t get smoking hot. Place the chapati over it.  

Turn over when small blisters appear on the surface and the sides started to curl slightly.

Take the chapati using tongs and put the upper side over direct flame. Roast on both sides till it 

If you don’t want to puff chapati over direct flame, you can cook by allowing it to stay on pan.  Then gently press the top of the chapatti with a soft cloth or spatula until it puffs up.

Soft puffy chapatti is ready. Brush it with little ghee and serve.


  • If you are keeping the dough aside for more than 10 minutes cover it with a wet cloth to ensure that the dough does not dry. Soft dough will help the chapati to puff up.
  • If the dough is too soft you can’t roll out, so dust with some flour.
  • Roll the dough as thin as possible.
  • Since the rolled out chapati’s will dry out if they are left stand while cooking others, it is advantageous to roll them out individually before cooking them.
  • If the pan is too hot chapati will not puff up properly.
  • Keep in high, when the chapatti is placed over direct flame.
  • This can also be done under grill or microwave (try 30 seconds on high).
  • A few drops of ghee/butter after removing from stove will give extra flavor to chapattis.

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