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Spice Tea for Weight loss | Weight Loss Recipe

Spice Tea
Happy New Year!!!! New year, new goals. We all might have taken some resolution. Some may not even have any resolution. We take decision to make our self better every year. This page is for people who decided to loss weight this year. If your are serious about losing weight, here is a recipe for you. It would be nice to kick the year off with a nice weight loss tea which is healthy, having no side effects.

As we all know spices helps to promote weight loss. Adding right spices in your die will help you to loss weight in a healthy way and also will boost your metabolism.  I saw this in a naatu maruthuvam program and wanted to share with you all.

Spice Tea for Weight loss

Spice Tea for Weight loss

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Weight Loss
Prep Time: 5 mins | Cooking Time: 10 mins


Black Pepper - 2 tblspn
Cumin / Jeerakam - 2 tblspn
Cinnamon stick / Pattai - 2 tblspn
Cloves / Krambu - 2 tblspn


Dry roast all the above separately till raw smell is gone.

Cool them and grind them into a fine powder.

In a vessel, take 1 glass of water and add a teaspoon of this spice powder. Bring it to boil.

When the water reduces to half remove from heat. Strain them.

Have this tea every morning.

  • If you feel stomach pain in your lower abdomen, have a cup of buttermilk or tender coconut water and follow this regularly.
  • Follow this regularly for 48 to 90 days or till you loss weight.

Ingredients for Weight loss tea
Keep your ingredients ready
roast cloves
Dry roast cloves for few seconds
roast cinnamon
In the same pan, add cinnamon and roast for 30 seconds
roast pepper
Then roast black pepper till it starts to pop
roast cumin
In high heat, roast cumin till it crackles
blend everything
Take everything in a blender and blend them into a smooth powder. Transfer it to a air tight box
boil tea
In a vessel, take 1 cup of water. Add 1 tsp of ground spice powder and bring it to boil
strain them
When the water reduces to half remove from flame and strain them
Weight loss drink
Drink this tea early in the morning for 48 to 90 days or till you loss weight


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