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Carrot Thoran | Stir fry Carrot | Carrot using coconut | Carrot Poriyal

Carrot Poriyal

Whenever my hubby heads to the super market, return home with a bunch of carrots and beans. I was reluctant to cook these vegetables very often. And then my son who is very picky started to eat carrot. Now I truly enjoy cooking carrots. This method is very quick and easy.

How to make Carrot Poriyal

Carrot Thoran | Carrot Poriyal 


Carrot(grated) - 2, large
Onion - 1
Green chilli - 2 to 5, depending on spiciness
Coconut (grated) - 2 tblspn
Cumin / jeerakam - 1/2 tspn
Curry leaves - 1sprig
Mustard seeds / kadugu - 1tspn
Oil - as required
Salt - to taste


Chop green chilli and onion into tiny pieces. Keep aside.

Grind together coconut and cumin without adding water.

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds. When it splutters, add green chilli, onion and curry leaves. Sauté for a couple of mins. 

Add grated carrot and sauté for 3 mins. If necessary sprinkle some water, cover and cook until it becomes soft.

Add the ground coconut and salt to it. Sauté for 2mins. Switch off the flame.

Serve with rice, sambar or curd rice.


carrot thoran ingredients
Keep all your ingredients ready
chop onion and green chilli
Finely Chop onion ad green chillies
mustard seeds
Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds
add green chillies
When mustards starts to splutter, add urad dal and green chilli. Saute for 30 secs
adding onion
Add onion and saute for 2 min
When onion becomes translucent add the grated carrot. Stir well until it is cooked
adding coconut
When the carrots are cooked, add ground coconut, cumin
Saute for 1 or 2 mins and remove from flame
Carrot Poriyal1

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